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Trichological analyses are performed by a Certified Trichologist when patients require a deeper understanding of their hair loss or scalp problem. Your Trichologist will determine which type of hair loss or scalp problem you have, and advise you which treatments, if any, will help your condition. New patients are given a detailed analysis during which the Trichologist examines the hair and scalp thoroughly. Relevant information is obtained from the patient regarding their health, medical history, history of the problem, diet, hair care habits, and other pertinent facts that may relate to their problem. It may be necessary to epilate some hair for examination under the microscope or to cut some hair for a trace mineral analysis. Sometimes specific blood tests will be recommended if nutritional or hormonal imbalances, or other medical issues are suspected. Although these tests can help reveal issues that may be contributing to the problem, they are not always necessary.

Doctor Appointment for Hair

Usually, a follow up appointment will be scheduled once all tests results are received. At this time, the Trichologist will advise the patient what the conclusions are and what treatments are available and the results that can be expected. In some cases, the patient may need to be referred to a Medical Doctor, Dermatologist, or Endocrinologist if a medical issue is discovered. Fortunately, most problems that a Trichologist sees can be dealt with in the Trichologist’s clinic but the recognition of the severity of a problem is an essential part of a Trichologist’s training and referrals are always made when requested and required.

Although initial consultations are free, the costs of trichological analyses are listed below.

FREEDOMclinic Trichological Analysis

A trichological analysis can vary depending on the condition and the severity of the condition, and may include any or all of the following:

  1. Clinical history of the problem
  2. General health history
  3. Dietary analysis
  4. Microscopic scalp analysis
  5. Microscopic hair and bulb analysis
  6. Pull test
  7. Blood tests and analysis
  8. Hair mineral analysis
  9. Referral to another specialist
  10. Final Report

Costs for a Trichological Analyses

FREEDOMclinic offers three types of trichological analysis depending on the needs of the patient.

The Standard Analysis, required by everyone, includes the following:

  1. Clinical history of the problem
  2. General health history
  3. Dietary analysis
  4. Pull test
  5. Microscopic scalp analysis
  6. Microscopic hair Analysis
  7. Referral to another specialist (If Necessary)
  8. Written report including diagnosis and treatment recommendations (Please note that the diagnosis of medical conditions can only be done by a medical doctor or dermatologist).

Cost: $175.00 + HST

Standard Analysis with Blood Tests OR Hair Mineral Analysis

This Analysis includes everything in the Standard Analysis plus recommended blood tests or hair mineral analysis, and a follow up appointment to review the test results and consider next steps. Whether or not blood or hair mineral tests are required will be determined during the Standard Analysis.

Cost: $275.00 + HST

Online Analysis

Online Analysis can be performed but please be advised that definitive conclusions may not be able to be achieved due to the inability to perform certain analyses or tests. Online Analyses may exclude the following:

  1. Pull test – this test can be performed with the aid of a support person.
  2. Microscopic scalp analysis
  3. Microscopic hair analysis

Fees are the same as in clinic analyses.

Standard Analysis with Blood Tests AND Hair Mineral Analysis

In some cases, both blood tests and hair mineral analysis are required or preferred. In this case a detailed report from the hair mineral analysis together with dietary and supplementary recommendations will be provided.

Cost: $375.00 + HST

Your FREEDOMclinic Trichologist is John Ranney and is certified by the International Institute of Trichologists, IAT.

Certified Trichologist in Toronto, ON

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