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IPL & Laser Hair Removal

Freedom Clinic features IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology for hair removal. There are several advantages to IPL over traditional laser hair removal. While laser is effective in limited situations, IPL technology can be used to treat a much wider variety of skin types, hair types, and skin conditions. This lowers cost, as dedicated machines do not have to be purchased for each type of skin or treatment.

IPL utilizes a broad spectrum of light, rather than the focused single wavelength of traditional hair removal laser. This means less intensity is required to achieve the same results as other machines. There is little to no pain involved, and very little risk.

Another big advantage of IPL is that treatment areas can be completed much faster. This keeps your down time at a minimum, and pricing more economical.

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Hair Removal Promotions

At Freedom Clinic, we know that the price of professional hair removal can get expensive, so we have designed a pricing structure that is convenient and affordable. While some body areas can take up to an hour to treat, others may only take a few minutes. Therefore, all our treatments are billed by the hour, with a $50 minimum, regardless of which area of the body you are treating.

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$100 per hour – $50 minimum.

IPL Laser Hair Removal and You

For a personalized evaluation and quotation, please feel free to call us at 416-512-6400, or contact us by email:

IPL laser hair removal (Thermolysis) is safe for all areas of the body, including the face, bikini, and brazilian area. IPL is safe and effective for both men and women and can be used on a wide range of skin colors and hair types. However, very light blond hair, as well as grey hair, is generally not responsive to IPL or other light-based hair removal technologies.

For safety reasons, it is important to use sunscreen on any areas that will be exposed to the sun after having laser or IPL hair removal treatments, as the skin is more sensitive to the sun’s light post treatment. Also, IPL and laser hair removal should never be performed on someone if they have a tan or sunburn.

Rather Do Your Own Treatments at Home?

Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars with a Health Canada approved home-use IPL hair removal device. We carry a wide selection of at home hair removal machines that offer proven results. Use for touch-ups after your in-clinic treatments, or treat your entire body. Shop in our clinic or on line. To find out more, visit:

Hair, Skin, And Scalp Concerns? Freedom Clinic Has The Solutions