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Freedom Clinic Staff of Professionals

The team at FREEDOMclinic is a highly skilled and trained staff of professionals with years of experience.

John Ranney: Trichologist, IAT; SMP Certified, Hair Loss Specialist, President of FREEDOMclinic, BA from the University of Toronto. John is the son of the original founder of Freedom Hair Systems. He has been the principal owner and director since Sept. of 2001, and a member of the team since 1990. John specializes in the area of trichology and is very passionate about his field of work. All hair loss consultations go through John initially to discuss hair loss conditions and solutions. John’s staff and clients admire him for his hard work, dedication and loyalty to each and every individual. John also performs advanced Scalp-Micropigmentation procedures on a regular basis, and is also an SMP trainer. John writes very interesting and informative articles as a regular contributor to the American Hair Loss Council’s Link Magazine.  John is devoted to finding causes and solutions to all variations of hair loss, that affect the lives of many.

Kelly Clement-Ranney: Co-Owner, Clinic Director, Medical Aesthetician, Chief Marketing Officer, SkinCeuticals Specialist, Social Media Manager. Kelly is a long, dedicated and loyal team member with strong communication skills that has kept the FREEDOM team motivated, successful, and productive. Kelly’s creative talented has been an asset to FREEDOM with our total rebranding of the company and the websites and few years ago. She shines bright with her skills by managing all the social media including Instagram, Face Book, YouTube and TikTok. Kelly works well with Google team and does all of the Google ads for FREEDOMclinic and TheFREEDOMstore. Kelly’s goals are to keep building the FREEDOM brand and to help the company grow with these fast exciting times with an open mind. Kelly is very goal orientated and passionate about her very important role with Freedom while keeping the clinic feeling like family.

Karen Frost: BScN, RN(EC), NP. Karen is first a clinician who oversees a paediatric population with Inflammatory Bowel Disease at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. She speaks nationally and internationally to health care professional audiences about Crohns & Ulcerative Colitis. Her national presence include the CCC and CANIBD; her international presence includes ESPGHAN and CCFA.

Karen is the IBD educational resource lead for the SickKids IBD Centre and has published educational materials for health care providers and patients. Karen is a consummate professional responsible for over-seeing all medical procedures at FREEDOMclinic. Karen also provides prescriptions, medical referrals, and blood requisitions for clinic patients when required.

Nicola Morgan: RN, BA MEPN, PRP Cert. Nicky is a results oriented, patient focussed team player, highly trained in the medical aesthetics area, and is responsible for administering most medical treatments in the clinic, including Botox, Fillers and PRP applications.

Relocating from England 28 years ago, she has been a nurse at Sick Kids Hospital ever since. She is active in charitable organizations across Toronto. Nicola works along side our medical director ensuring all patients receive the highest quality treatments possible.

Dr. Simona Scurtu, ND: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Simona Scurtu is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and a board-certified naturopathic doctor with prescriptive authority. Dr. Simona has a primary care practice, with a focus in pain medicine, chronic migraine and headache management, post-concussion therapy, hormone health, and digestive health. Dr Simona Scurtu works with us as a consultant. She works closing with our Nurse and Medical Director so that our patients gets the best results in their Vitamin Drips for Hair Loss, Scalp Concerns and Skin concerns. Dr Simona Scurtu is a great asset to our team and we are thrilled to have her.

Erin Hempel; Registered Nurse, SMP Cert. Erin’s primary role at the clinic is to perform SMP procedures. Aside from being highly skilled in her craft, Erin’s friendly patient care approach to SMP keeps patients comfortable and relaxed during their SMP procedures.

Alysha Clement-Ranney: Medical Aesthetician, Micro-needling cert., Skin Care specialist, Dermalogica and Skinceuticals Specialist. Alysha is responsible for performing many of the advanced medical aesthetic procedures in the clinic. Professionally trained and certified, Alysha works closely with other members of the team to ensure all patients receive exceptional care and service.
Alysha is one of our most dedicated employees who takes ownership of her huge role and one of our most valuable team members. She is fully committed to the mission of FREEDOMclinic and really lives the values that have been created. Alysha is a very dedicated employee and takes the time understand what is best for everyone. Alysha is completely committed to her job, team members ,customers and patients with genuine concern and treats everyone with enthusiasm and respect.

Violetta L: Hair Stylist, Hair Replacement technician, Trichologist Technician, HairSkeen Cert. Violetta has been with FREEDOMclinic for over 2 decades. Her experience, flair and knowledge are well-used to service a large percentage of the FREEDOMclinic non-surgical hair replacement clientele, as well as the trichology patients as a Trichologist Technician. Violetta continues to expand her knowledge and use her creative intelligence to provide the best possible service to her clients and patients.

Irene T: Hair Stylist, Hair Replacement Technician, Trichologist Technician, HairSkeen Cert. Another member of the FREEDOMclinic team who has been with the clinic for over 20 years, Irene’s styling ability and creativity continue to astound both staff and clients alike. Irene also serves patients as a trichologist technician, performing trichology treatments on a regular basis. Irene prides herself on her listening skills, always putting the client’s needs first and making them feel at home and part of the Freedom Family.

Joyce M: Hair Stylist, Hair Replacement Technician, Hair Skeen Cert. Joyce has been in the hair replacement industry for 37 years, 26 of those with FREEDOMclinic. Her experience provides her with the skill and patience to make sure each client is 100% satisfied. Joyce’s experience also serves her well performing the duties of hair system processing for all incoming and outgoing orders.

Janice B: Hair Replacement Technician, Trichologist Technician, HairSkeen Cert. SMP Trainee. Janice is friendly and efficient and pays attention to detail in all of her work. She is always thinking outside the box, and willing to try new styles and take on new tasks. She solves problems with skill and efficiency, and takes detailed care with every client.

Kin T: Hair System Technician. Kin is our master repair artist who has been with the organization for over 20 Years. Kin’s skill and attention to detail is second to none. In fact there not a single hair replacement clinic in Canada with such a skilled hair ventilator. Kin helps to set FREEDOMclinic apart from any hair loss clinic, raising client services to a higher standard of care.

Christina N: Receptionist, Office Assistant, Customer Service Specialist. Christina is a key person at FREEDOMclinic. She is a hard-working perfectionist who keeps the clinic incredibly organized and efficient. She goes above and beyond assisting in all areas of the organization, from opening the clinic to shipping hair system processing. Her loyalty, memory, and multi-tasking skills are all exceptional. Clients and patients have nothing but praise for her customer service skills, and the way she helps keep their schedules organized and efficient.

Mildred O: Receptionist, Accounting, Order Processing. Mildred is a consummate professional who has been with the Freedom Team for over 15 years. Although her main duties are in the accounting department, Mildred assists in several other areas of the organization. She is a hard-working and detail oriented professional, and a key member of the FREEDOMclinic Team.

Deepika S: – Medical Administrator, Trichologist Assistant, Hair Practitioner Certified, with a B. Pharm and Health Care Administration under her belt Deepika relocated from India a short time ago. Deepika has a post-graduate from St. Laurence College and accomplished experience from Scarborough Health Network as EPIC support staff and is currently one of our key members of our FREEDOM team. Deepika is full of infectious enthusiasm everyday and feels strong about loyalty. She is responsible for all the Trichology patient data, handling, refferals, communicating with health care professionals, doctors, and nurses and takes care of all medical procedures with updating records. She helps to organize the clinic by completing all tasks and arranging supplies for regular flow. Deepika says her incredible team is a big part of making her job at FREEDOMclinic so enjoyable.

Makenna Clement-Ranney: BSc, Content Writer, Copy editor. Makenna is responsible for helping create the informative written material provided on the FREEDOMclinic website. She is also responsible for editing and optimizing website content for client satisfaction. Makenna is a recent graduate of the University of Western Ontario where she obtained her BSc and is now pursuing graduate studies. She has been a valuable member of the team for several years and has worked on a wide range of projects. Her dedication to providing an easy and enjoyable web experience for all clients is evident in her work.

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