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Check here for our seasonal promotions

Filler Promotion!! SAVE $200.00

Buy 2 syringes of filler for a discounted price of $1,100
regular $1300 or $650 per syringe

Receive 20% off our new ‘Freedom Facial’ and ‘Freedom Facelift’!!

Click here to read more information about these amazing new facials!

Skin Booster Promotion!

2 syringes now for $850 regular $1100
3 syringes now for $1000 regular $1650

IPL Hair Removal – Small Area

$80 per session
– underarms, bikini, Brazilian, buttocks, stomach

IPL Hair Removal – Large Area

$150 per session
– lower leg + feet, upper leg + Bikini, upper arm, lower arm + hands, back, chest (man)

IPL Hair Removal – Face + Neck

$55 per session
– upper lip, side burns, chin, neck, back of neck

Combine 2 Face for $75

IPL Hair Removal – Full Body

$350 Women
$450 Men

All IPL Hair Removal Services

Package of 4 10% off
Package of 6 15% off
package of 8 20% off


1 Microneedling session for $80.00(value 299.00)

Hair Removal

1 FREE IPL Laser Hair Removal Session (with purchase of one session)


Special Promo price for FILLERS-$575.00 per syringe(cheeks, lips, jawline)


15% off SMP package

Free Hair Loss Consultation