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What is Dandruff?

Dandruff, or Pityriasis Capitis, actually has nothing to do with your hair and everything to do with your scalp. Most patients come to Freedom Clinic and believe their dandruff comes from their hair washing and conditioning methods, but this is also incorrect. The skin cells on your scalp are actually growing and dying off too quickly, creating the excess of fine flakes. This can lead to an embarrassing pile up on your shoulders. When you are out in public, you can get looks, or a bold person may even ask about it. Outside of awkward social interactions, though, dandruff is generally harmless and very treatable. The cause of dandruff is unknown, however certain kinds of yeast are usually present with dandruff. These yeast thrive on the dead skin called dandruff, and reduction of the spread of the yeast with specific medicated shampoos can reduce the amount of flaking. Long term usage can lead to complete elimination of the problem. Freedom Clinic has products that can help control or even eliminate dandruff.

Easily Accessible Treatments for Dandruff Management

Dandruff is generally harmless and easy to treat, and normally does not require medication or prescriptions. There are many over-the-counter shampoos you can purchase at your local retail stores to help. A good one to start with is a shampoo containing Zinc Pyrithione. Recent studies show that Zinc pyrithione can also help control the inflammation associated with androgenetic alopecia.

How Toronto, CAN Residents and Beyond Can Prevent Dandruff

There are many steps you can take to help prevent yourself from experiencing dandruff. While no one knows precisely what causes it, we are aware of steps you can take to prevent it from happening. These steps will also lessen the effects if you are currently suffering from dandruff. Find Your Hair Cleaning Schedule: Generally speaking, the more you wash your hair the better. Claims that washing your hair too much can strip your hair of healthy oils are unfounded. Oils are secreted by the sebaceous and eccrine glands in the scalp daily, and replenished almost immediately after a shower, unless some other hormonal or nutritional factor is playing a role. Moisture in the hair is more a function of the humidity level in the environment. Limit the Number of Hair Products Used: Hair styling products like gel, mousse, and sprays can contain ingredients harmful to your scalp. They can clog pores and cause build ups on the scalp. They can also be responsible for some of the flakes you see piled on your shoulders.  Effectively Manage Your Stress: Increased stress can exacerbate your dandruff, so finding a healthy way to manage your stress can help decrease your flaking problem. Our professionals can help you find some creative ways to manage effectively and safely. Include Healthy Fats into Your Diet: If you are missing healthy fats from your diet, you should find a way to start eating them again. They can help keep your hair’s oil production better regulated. Try to include foods such as salmon, tuna fish, peanut butter, avocado, and fortified eggs.

Reach Out to Freedom Clinic for More Help with Your Dandruff

Call us today as set up an initial consultation so we can get further details and set you up with a personalized treatment plan for your dandruff issues.