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Toronto, ON’s, Experts in Minimizing Scalp Micro-Pigmentation After Effects

Scalp micro-pigmentation is a relatively straightforward process that will only take a couple of hours out of your day. However, it does have after effects. How much down time you’ll require will vary depending on your situation.

What are the after effects of undergoing scalp micro-pigmentation?

You’ll be glad to know that scalp micro-pigmentation is not a painful process. If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, the discomfort caused by scalp micro-pigmentation fades in comparison to that experience. However, scar tissue can be more sensitive than other tissue. Several of Capilia Freedom’s clients come to us for scalp micro-pigmentation around their hair transplant scars; you may experience a little more discomfort during your session if you fall into this category. Fortunately, whatever discomfort you experience during your session doesn’t last and you shouldn’t be in any pain after your visit. You will experience after effects like redness on your scalp. Your scalp can remain red for a few hours, or even a day depending on how sensitive and reactive your skin is. It’s a good idea to protect your new scalp micro-pigmentation by staying out of the sun. Plan to avoid sun exposure for at least a week after finishing your treatment. Fortunately, wearing a hat won’t damage your scalp micro-pigmentation.

How much downtime will you need after scalp micro-pigmentation?

We recommend you take off work the day of your scalp micro-pigmentation sessions. That way you can recover in peace from any redness and irritation. Taking additional time off work as you undergo scalp micro-pigmentation is not generally necessary. You also shouldn’t get your scalp wet for the first 2 days after a scalp micro-pigmentation session. This means no wetting your head in the shower, no swimming, and no excessive sweating. If your job is labor-intensive and makes you sweat, then you should plan to take 2 days off, or schedule weekend appointments in order to avoid damage to your scalp micro-pigmentation.

When can you resume hair loss treatments following scalp micro-pigmentation?

Many of our scalp micro-pigmentation clients are also pursuing other courses of hair loss treatment. Oral treatments, such as Propecia, are usually fine to continue during your sessions. However, you should discontinue the topical treatment Minoxidil (which is sold under the brand name Rogaine) 2 days before, and for 1 week after. This will ensure that it does not irritate your new micro-pigmentation. Capilia Freedom will help you determine when it’s appropriate to start using Minoxidil once more. In general, most of our clients resume Minoxidil applications about a week after their last scalp micro-pigmentation session. Get great scalp micro-pigmentation with Capilia Freedom!