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Lasting Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Treatment in Toronto, ON

If you’re considering scalpmicro-pigmentation sessions, it’s important to understand how long the sessions will take and how many visits you should plan for. Knowing this means you’ll be prepared for the process and able to arrange your life accordingly.

How many scalp micro-pigmentation sessions should you plan for?

Performing scalp micro-pigmentation is an intricate process that aims to replicate the look of individual hair follicles. That’s why successful scalp micro-pigmentation calls for multiple treatment sessions. It simply isn’t possible to deliver quality results in just one visit—and we advise you to be wary of any company that says otherwise. Before starting your treatments at Capilia Freedom, you’ll begin with a face-to-face consultation. After that, it’s standard for people to undergo two to three sessions of scalp micro-pigmentation to get results they’ll love. In our experience, most people require just two treatment sessions one week apart, followed by a 3 week follow-up for final touch-ups.

How long will your scalp micro-pigmentation sessions be?

The amount of time it takes for a single scalp micro-pigmentation session will vary depending on your situation, such as how much of your scalp you’d like us to treat or if you have any skin ailments. Another factor that may affect the length of your visit is if you have any scarring. Many of our clients come to us to get scalp micro-pigmentation around their hair transplant scars. Micro-pigmentation can deliver amazing results that render these scars almost invisible but working around scar tissue can be an intricate process that requires more time. In general, sessions last between one and three hours.

Can you schedule all your scalp micro-pigmentation visits close together?

Capilia Freedom recommends taking time, usually a week or two, in between your first 2 micro-pigmentation sessions. Though you likely want to complete the process as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your great new look, in our experience, leaving a little time in between the sessions is the better course to take. That way our technicians can determine how well your scalp is taking to the micro-pigmentation. This time can also have benefits for you. Perhaps you’ll decide that you’ll want to adjust the hairline you’re going for. By breaking your scalp micro-pigmentation treatment sessions apart, you’ll have time to get used to your new appearance, and to make adjustments if you so desire. Remember, by taking a little extra time in the short-term, we’re able to provide you with better quality and lasting results in the long run. Get in touch today to learn about scalp micro-pigmentation!